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Provide a platform where citizens can be engaged in the affairs of all levels of government and influence the introduction, change or removal of laws that are in line with the will of the people and not the will of rich and powerful corporations and lobby groups. Governments at the will of the people.


Citizens being able to influence government the way that democracy was meant to work. Not the broken shadow politics that currently determine national and international outcomes. This platform can, eventually allow let people know the personality of the people they elect into power. It could act as a politician’s resume.

What it will be:

A website that will allow individuals to vote on issues posted to the site by either signing on with their social media accounts or via their social media accounts. Individuals will be able to upvote or downvote bills being tabled in their respective level of government along side the bill’s sponsor or senator. It will be a platform along the lines of kickstarter or rally, allowing individuals to gather support around issues in their community and issues the site admins seed that are currently being debated. See seed ideas below.

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